Our Three Episodes are :

Air Part 1 The D/L link is for part 1 & 2, sorry. If you're new to SGU, any of the episodes are probably fine but this is for those that want to start from the begining (YAY!)

SPACE (1.11) A snafu with the communications stones lands Col. Young's consciousness in an unknown being, resulting in a standoff between the Destiny and an alien vessel and the abduction of Chloe.

EPILOGUE (2.18) Destiny reaches an abandoned modern civilization on a planet in the throes of seismic destruction. While the crew retrieves valuable data archives stored underground, Rush discovers a possible way to help the planet's survivors.


1. Rush runs his hands through his hair
2. A Couple gets together Romantically
3. The Kino is used
4. Someone Cries
5. Flashback to Earth/previous time
6. We see an alien
7. Shot of the Destiny
8. Someone uses the Communication Stones
9. Young shows up
10. Eevery time we see a black uniform
11. Eli saying "Hey!"
12. We see Rush's Notebook
13. Every time a scene takes place in a hallway or corridor
14. Every time someone or destiny raises a weapon
15. Every time sparks erupt inside Destiny.
16. Every time TJ is shown wearing that TV version of a black military tank top
17. We're told shield are failing
18. Every time a shortage is mentioned
19. Camille Wray disagrees/argues with Colonel Young?
20. Someone is injured/sick or dies

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Team challenge post

- This post contains the questions that must be answered by your team.
- Someone - either a team mod or the first person who sees this - will make a team post with all the questions.
- Members of the team must then submit their names in the comments as an answer to the question.
- No member may submit their name more than two times. But you are allowed to withdraw your name for a question, and submit it as an answer to a different question.
- Whoever made the post must periodically edit the post to include the answers and any required evidence.
- Provide evidence if evidence is needed! If I ask for a specific gif, prove that you have the gif.
- No cheating. If I find out that you've lied, your entire team will be disqualified from the challenge.
- If I say Stargate, it can encompass any of the four series or three movies.
[Original post here]

So, it seems that everyone on our team has seen an episode of SG-1; no one joined LJ in 2007, has a Stargate bias in the user pics category or tags for Teal'c; and everyone's LJs are mostly open books.

Oh well...


1. Who has a birthday in July? flubber2kool

2. Who owns all 10 seasons of SG1 on DVD? everythingshiny

3. Who has seen both seasons of SGU? thedrowned

4. Who owns a Stargate Atlantis action figure? green_wing

5. Who has been to a convention with a Stargate cast member in attendance? (which member) jenniferjensen (Amanda Tapping, David Blue, Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig)

6. Who has never seen an episode of SG1?

7. Who created their LJ in 2007?

8. Who has all Stargate user pics?

9. Who has less than 300 posts in their journal? nynaeve_sedai (249)

10. Who has watched Stargate since the original movie? elaiel

11. Whose LJ lists at least three Stargate characters in their interests? (name the characters) erinm_4600 (cam/lam, jack/sam, jacob carter, john/teyla, major davis, rothman)

12. Whose favorite character is Samantha Carter? mercscilla

13. Who has a Stargate GIF saved to their computer? (provide the GIF) thedrowned

14. Whose LJ is completely f-locked (minus a FO post)?

15. Whose LJ is completely open? mercscilla

16. Who has been to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada? krissie678

17. Who has a tag just for Teal'c?

18. Who owns a song sung by Bob Picardo? (what song) anaithis (What's My Name / Brother, Can You Spare a Con / A Cyborg To Watch Over Me)

19. Who follows David Blue on twitter? odyle

20. Who hasn't seen Continuum and Arc of Truth? elaiel

21. Who has their own comm for posting fic? virkatjol (seekers_of_fic)

22. Who has their own graphics comm? jenniferjensen (fadedrealm)

23. Who got into fandom because of Stargate? flubber2kool

24. Who likes O'Neill better than Mitchell? far_to_nowhere

25. Who likes Mitchell better than O'Neill? dizzydame

26. Who likes Rush better than Young? green_wing

27. Who likes Young better than Rush? ashimon

28. Who likes Weir better than Carter? sellthelie

29. Who likes Carter better than Woolsey? virkatjol

30. Who has read a Stargate original novel? jennickels

31. Whose favorite character is not Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Eli Wallace, TJ, Teyla, or John Sheppard? (name the character) shena8 (Young)

32. Who has at least four icons of Stargate women (single or more than one is acceptable as long as no Stargate men are in the icon)? haruechan (Jennifer Keller / Jewel Staite)

33. Who is a vegetarian? shena8

34. Who is still in college/university? ashimon

35. Who knows what String Theory is? kiri_l

36. Who has a family member in or retired from the Air Force? nynaeve_sedai

37. Who has seen at least three episodes of MacGyver? erinm_4600

38. Who has seen at least three episodes of Sanctuary? everythingshiny

39. Who has seen at least three episodes of Baywatch? ces_1

40. Who has seen at least three episodes of Numb3rs? jennickels

41. Who has seen A Dog's Breakfast? haruechan

42. Who joined stargateland in Phase 2? far_to_nowhere

43. Who has written a fic or meta or has made art with Jonas Quinn in it? atatteredrose

44. Who has been to Las Vegas? dizzydame

45. Who has been to Colorado? krissie678

And that's us... ♥
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[SGU] - crush / purpletrance

Welcome to Team SGU, newbie. ;D

First off, apologies if you happened to see this post yesterday before it got deleted - LJ was giving me some coding problems. >:( Anywho, this spiffy little guide was made by the one and only thedrowned who put quite a bit of time into a guide like this to make all the little newbies feel welcome - but don't worry! Older members will enjoy it too, I think. :D

Without further ado...

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Thank you again, thedrowned for taking the time to make such an amazing piece of work for this team. We lulz you. ♥

aryas_zehral made us a full crew manifest, if you're interested, newbies. :)
SW Stormtrooper
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Congratulations purpletrance & wickedvengeance for leading your team to VICTORY in Phase 1. No, the results aren't in early or anything, it's just that the whole thing has been such a success that WE'RE ALL WINNERS!!

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to you, as team leaders, for helping make this such a fun place to be! You've been inspiring and supportive and all around swell people. But don't take my word for it, listen to what your teammates have to say...

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FYI ~ This post is public so go ahead and spam it with gleeful things and show the entire world how awesome you all are! :D :D